"I have been a multi-year client of Dena's..."

"Dena is such a joy to work with-always so motivating and full of positive energy. She checks in with me before we start each session and asks how I'm feeling- Dena customizes my workout to my particular issues.  And it is challenging each and every time!  

I have taken Pilates with other instructors in the past, but Dena’s knowledge and personal attention far exceeds anyone I have worked with.

-- DW

"I am notorious for not sticking with an exercise program for more than a few months..."

"Pilates by Dena has changed that for me. For years now, instead of dreading exercise, I look forward to my Pilates sessions! Not only do I get a rigorous workout, but Dena shows concern for all aspects of my health and well-being. By the time I leave her serene studio after an hour, I feel refreshed, strong, and ready to face the day with renewed energy."


"At the end of those first three sessions, I was hooked!"


"I am an attorney with a small boutique firm in South Tampa. I am 55-years-old. Six or seven years ago, one of my clients bought me one of the best Christmas gifts I have ever received, an introductory package to Pilates by Dena. At the end of those first three sessions, I was hooked! It wasn’t three months later when my husband commented on how great my abs looked! Shortly thereafter, he asked me if I couldn’t ask Dena to concentrate a little more on my butt!!! (Which, by the way, I did… and he noticed the wonderful results we achieved there, too!)


I work out 2-3 times per week; I have attended Dena’s mat classes, individual sessions, and dual sessions with another client whom I met through Pilates By Dena. I have worked with all of Dena’s trainers, and I recommend all of them unreservedly! I now attend mat classes in our office conference room twice a week, with all of my staff participating at will! Not only do our bodies benefit, but it is also a great team building experience.


But one of the best things about the Pilates by Dena experience is that Dena, Judy, and Lauren each ensure that the workout is personalized to YOU! No matter what shape you are in when you start, as Joe Pilates promised, “in 10 sessions you will feel the difference, in 20 sessions you will see the difference, and in 30, you will be on your way to having a whole new body.” Just ask my husband!"


- JJ

"Pilates by Dena has given me a renewed strength of my body!"


"After having had two children and not taking much time for myself, Pilates by Dena has given me a renewed strength of my body. I started with Dena almost a year ago, I have never felt better! I enjoy the hour exercise session and have from the very first one. I am never sore to the point that I can’t move, and yet I feel that I have worked my muscles and core."


- AM