Your first 30 minute session is complimentary

Introductory Special

The most successful way to achieve your individual goals is to begin with our Introductory Special. Regardless of your budget, your valuable time or what goals you wish to achieve the Introductory special is the most effective way to start.

Three one-hour personalized Pilates sessions       $125

Core Package (one session per week)

By participating in Core, you build consistency, commitment and confidence. Begin your transformation towards a healthy and strong body through this once a week workout.

Solo price


$55 per session

Duet price


$40 per session

Trio price


$35 per session

balance package

Balance Package (two sessions per week)

Since Balance is the key to extraordinary health and well-being, this workout helps you balance strength, flexibility, stamina and mental clarity.

Solo price


$50 per session

Duet price


$35 per session

Trio price


$30 per session

Strength Package (three sessions per week)

A sleek, strong, beautiful body throughout life is the aim of Strength. With a consistent three times a week workout coupled with hands-on guidance from our instructors, you will experience unparalleled results.

Solo price


$47 per session

Duet price


$33 per session

Trio price


$28 per session

Thai Yoga Body Therapy

A dynamic body therapy which utilizes pressure point work and stretching techniques to improve circulation, decrease muscle tension and increase flexibility.

Solo price          $65

Pilates Weight Loss Program

We have done the work for you! Our skilled instructors have designed a program that combines personalized Pilates strength training, cardiovascular workouts, and nutritional consultation that will lead you to your optimal body.

*This highly personalized intensive program asks that clients make a 12 week commitment.

Three, one hour workouts/week
2 Pilates sessions/week
1 cardiovascular workout/week (utilizing gym equipment)
Body Analysis
Nutritional plan
Sample menu with grocery list
Journal for documenting exercise and food intake
Accountability partner
Weekly motivational emails
Complete Pilates Weight Loss Program $650/month